What I think about what I did…

So this post is going to be the last one concerning my work on human cloning, but I will probably keep this blog alive to deals with new subjects …

So some words about my blogging experience:

  • I love writing things… about me, about things in general, that’s just something funny I think, even if I don’t have talent to write anything interesting such as journalists do, even if I wanted for a long time to be a journalist
  • Write a blog instead of a “dossier” is funniest as I said it, but is also more interresting because of the work you have to do: you know that people can read it, people you know or people you don’t, and because of this fact, you have to pay a special attention to your posts, more than for a dossier which will be only read by your teacher…
  • Blogging wasn’t new for me, and I think that created a new blog gave me new ideas for my first one… lol It permited to adapt myself to this new blog quickly, and it was great because we need to work quickly !

Some words about my work:

  • I think that I worked progressively, because of the planning we had, and that was good, because it permited to have a topic I knew more than the one of the 1st semester… I began with some little posts, and with time I added new ideas and more importants posts
  • Because of publishing on internet, I wanted my post to be the more corrected gramaticaly and it permited to do some progress on my english… I hope !
    Even if I know that some things won’t change easily, as my “s” forgotten for the third person or adjectives with too much “s”…
  • My post which sums up all posts I already posted is quite long, and probably still contains false words or grammar points but I’m going to look for them when this post will be completed…
  • Read my blog with Eleny in class was a good thing because she speaks and writes english very well (ok that’s perfect in fact) and it permited to me to see some errors (my “s” problems again) and to adapt some sentences which were too complicated to be read easily!

Some problems I had:

  • At the begining, it was a little bit difficult to imagine a subject in which I should write posts…
  • Grammar posts were difficult to write because I’ve got a lot of problems in grammar.

Some positive aspects:

  • Even if it looks like a dossier, I think that a blog is really more personnal and gives more possibilities to write what you really think, and to do some puns which I should never do for a dossier !!
  • Write progressively and periodically in english permits to do some efforts on grammar and give the fancy for speaking english and hearding it spoken in films…

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Buongiorno from Lago Maggiore

Hey everybody ! just a little post after one week of hollydays … I didn't have any access to internet so I didn't write my ultimate post, I'm going to do it in my next post, but before, a little picture from Italia, it will give you ideas for your next hollidays … 😀


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Final article …

Since the birth of humankind, men (and women that's obvious) tried to create new things, services to make their live easier.
Since the industrial revolution, a lot of things created are not useful (service on your mobile to now if **** loves you), or dangerous (H bomb). Human cloning is considered by a lot of people as a phenomenon not really controlled and which could be dangerous in its experimentation and consequences.
Human cloning is the fact to "copy" the DNA of somebody, to introduced it in an ovule in order to let it grow to be a baby. The baby born possess exactly the same DNA as the one of the person who gave its DNA.
Human cloning comports different aspects which depend on the goal purchased by cloning people, but should human cloning be legalized ?
First, we will see that cloning can be an important medical progress and then that too much consequences which are not controlled existed and prevent us from legalised human cloning.

first part: we should legalized human cloning
Human Cloning should be legalized, because Human cloning in therapeutic meanings could be a solution to a lot of diseases still uncured and be the first step to equality of couples in front of the creation of children. So we're going to see now the scientist arguments in favour of Human cloning and then biased arguments in favour of legalisation of Human Cloning.

1 Medical arguments:

a) Human cloning limited to the cloning of cells could be the answer to a lot of diseases still uncured. In fact, cloning cells of a person to create organs or material for himself is a guarantee of transplant without rejection, and if we know how replace failing organs by healthy organs, we should save a lot of live. This kind of cloning has no consequences in other persons nor in the environment and is a way to cure "more easily" very developed cancer or that kind of diseases. Forbidding Human cloning in scientist goals should have for consequence a lot of deaths which should have been prevented thanks to cloning.

b) Before being able to realize Human cloning, scientists have to understand how cells grows, and then Human Cloning would give them more explanations about this phenomenon. This kind of medical progress is important because we still don't know why some people's cells don't grow as the other, and what are their genetic problems. So Human cloning could be the answer to orphan diseases, mostly caused by genetic bad working.

c) Human cloning would permit to create a child with the same particularities than another sick child but totally healthy, thanks to the identification of the genetical problem, and this new child would be able to be a donor of organs so that it would increase a lot the chances of transplants without rejection

Example: some parents have already choose to select their embryos to "create" a child to help a precedent one, but they choose the genetically closer embryos to the first child. Cloning should be a surest way.

2 Subjective arguments
a) human cloning is an important step to lead to the equality of procreation. Nowadays, infertile couples or homosexual couples are discriminated against, because adoption is very complicated in states such as in France and medical procreation aid is expensive and difficult to bear for couples who are already considered as inferior than the others.
Example: homosexual or unfertilized couple could give birth to their children without require to another person.
b) some people have talents which are difficult to let disappearing because they are important for culture, sciences or politics… Some of these talents are contained in the DNA so clone people who own talents should be a way to permit to different arts or sciences to stay at the better level!
Example: In this period of troubles it should be interesting for all humankind to make some pacific people such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King re-appearing.

c) people who have lost a loved one, such as a young child, could have a "second chance". Instead of leaving a family tears apart because of the accidental death of a young child, cloning him should be a way to permit to these family to still live, even if they have to know that IT IS NOT the same child …

second part: we shouldn't legalized human cloning

1 scientist and economical arguments

a) the process of human cloning isn't sure enough for the moment, both for the child and the mother. In fact, we're just at the level of experimentation, so it is still dangerous to test cloning on animals. Humankind often employs animals to test on them all experiences it fears to text on itself, so that we could understand that it is still dangerous. As natural children grow in their own rythm, we don't know if all clone would have the same evolution and if it's not dangerous both for the child and the mother.
Example: we don't know how the child would grow and if it would have effects on the mother's health.

b) Extension of cloning for all people who can't create children naturally can be the reason and the source of trade of human cells, such as it already exist for human organs. Clones would only be the result of "manufacturies" specialised in clones' creation… It sounds as science-fiction movies but could be real because of the legalisation of human cloning.
Example: poor people, instead of selling their organs, can sell the possibiliy to have a clone, selling their cells…but it should lead to a lot of people with the same DNA, which is biologically dangerous.

c) Liberalisation of human cloning can lead to a problem concerning biodiversity: nowadays, children are the result of a mix of 2 persons, but tomorrow, it could be only the "same person" as their parents. This could put biodiversity in danger because of the reproduction of always the same DNA, without evolutions whereas species have evoluted to survive in their environment since the beginning of life.
Example: reproducing generation after generation the DNA of a person born in 2000 would lead to a lack of "modernisation" of the DNA and to the death of this person. If we thought that everybody choose to clone their-selves instead of having natural children, that's all the humankind which is in danger.

2 subjective arguments

a) Concerning the identity of the child: how could he found and create his own identity if he knows that he is a "copy" of somebody else ? These two people can't be considered as twins, because they have a difference of age but they have the same DNA…
Example: today, visas o enter in USA have to be electronics and they include some information about the health of the person. The clone of a person forbidden of residence in USA would be forbidden too because policemen couldn't see differences between the two person (biologically, if they don't care about the date of birth).

b) This argument leads us to the problem of the future relationship between parents and children cloned: if twins have a special relationship, it would be true too because the child would have to grow knowing hat he is his/her father/mother.
But it is obvious that relationship between parents and children are the source of the identity of children, which leads us back to my first argument …

c) Concerning human cloning in medical goals, we can wonder where is the limit to decide that a cell is "somebody" and until which time cells which are developed can be employ to be "grow up" in order to "manufacture" specific organs. If some parents decide to have a cloned-child in order to cure a first child (thanks to transplant for example), we can wonder if it's normal to have a child just on this goal, not create by love… And the evolution of the child will be "planned" because of the first goal of the creation of the second child.

To conclude I would say that in fact Human cloning is a subject in which it is difficult to have a strong opinion. In one hand, you've got all good medical discoveries that it can bring, but in the other hand we know that some problems exist and have no solution for the moment. In my mind, Human Cloning have to wait before being legalized. First, scientists have to be sure of the security concerning cloning and help has to be built to parents of future clones. Human cloning as 2 principal aspects which are cloning to produce children and cloning for medical reasons. I think that the 2 have to be seen separately. Human cloning to create cells, make them grow and then transform them in organs or skin for example is probably the next step of medical researches. That's interesting because they are no way to earn money by this way and I don't see important drawbacks: it would be only use to help people, but it would probably creates inequality (because of the price of such operations). Human cloning to create children has to be strongly controlled, because it can be the source of new traffics and misuses can be very numerous (utilisation of clone by states to create army…) So in fact I think that human cloning has to be controlled, and laws have to be strict to prevent from abuses.

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April, 10th

After 4 weeks without going to university, this week we come back ! so it’s time to finish my article about human cloning …

I think that my first part will deal with arguments against human cloning and the second one with arguments in favour of human cloning.

Even if differents cloning exist, i won’t write one part for each of them, because a lot of arguments are employed for both…

i begin now !

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April, the first (yes I know today is the third but…)

Just felt in the same occupation of each year, trying to push fish in people's back … No chance, I've been touched myself, but it was for a good cause ! 😉

 Oh my god, a fish in my back !! (oh my god, a fish in my back !!)

Ps: I'm sorry no link between this and my subject, I don't know if some fishes have been cloned until today … BUT that's just to make passing by and smile … lol

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30th march

Better had find the spellcheker later than never find it ! great, I just have to check all my articles to find false words … It is really efficient, except for “new” words or expression … even if I’m writing a “blog”, it doesn’t know what it is ! (and do not laugh on line, it doesn’t know either ! ;))

Just realized that I didn’t write a grammar point on my second document, but I don’t think that it needs one at all ! 😀 !

I didn’t write a lot this week, it’s not because we’re in strike that I don’t do anything but other files have to be done ….

Difficult to work when you don’t go to university … and even when you go to, I know ! lol

Have good time reading my blog, and see you maybe one day, if we come back to university !

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Do you want to clone?

Okay, I’m speaking (writing) since the beginning of my blog about cloning, but do you know how to clone somebody ?
Let’s start with the cloning of a mouse, Mimi on this site :
That’s just great because every steps are explained, without too much details and you clone yourself the little mouse …
Do not try at home ! 😉

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