Report of the Council of Bioethics

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This report is very long, so I just read some parts which seem to be interesting.
I choose the chapter five, about the cloning to produce children
I.                    The case for cloning-to-produce-children
A.    Purposes
1.      To produce biologically related children
2.      To avoid genetic disease
3.      To obtain “rejection-proof” transplant
4.      To replicated a “loved one”
5.      To reproduce individuals of great genius, talent, of beauty
B.     Arguments
1.      The goodness of Human freedom
2.      The goodness of existence
3.      The goodness of Well-being
C.    Critique and conclusion
II.                 The case against cloning-to-produce-children
A.    The ethics of human experimentation
1.      Problems of safety
2.      A special problem of consent
3.      Problems of exploitation of women and just distribution of risk
4.      conclusion
B.     The human context : procreation and child reading
C.    Identity, manufacture, eugenics, family and society
1.      Problems of Identity and Individuality
2.      Concerns regarding Manufacture
3.      Prospect of a New Eugenics
4.      Troubled Family Relations
5.      Effects on Society
       D. Conclusion
So the conclusion of the council is that Human Cloning to produce children is unmoral and unsafe.

About legislation: The Nuremberg Code of 1947 and the Helsinki Declaration of 1964 are international trade which protect human being from experimentation and ethical violations. Influential in the United States is also the Belmont Report, published in 1978 by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research.



Entry filed under: Document 3: report of the council of bioethics.

Progression … Vocabulary about chapter 5

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