Vocabulary about chapter 5

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Cattle : livestock, group of animal you’ve got and you work with
® Cowboys are riding all day long to protect their cattle.

Begotten : in fact it’s the pp. of beget !Beget means breed, engender.® You beget a child.

Bone : our skeleton is composed of bones.
® We often gives bones to dogs.
® If you break one of your bone, you’ll have your member in plaster.
Broadly : generally, most often, widely
® British broadly think that all french eat frogs.
Forerunner : precursor
® The 2 brother Lumière where forerunner in the creation of film.
® You are a forerunner if you creat or think something before everybody.
Framework : structure
® The framework of Human is the skeleton, which permit us to be stand up.
Grievous : serious, grave,
® Human cloning and its consequences is a grievous topic.
Inheritance : heritage, legs
® When somebody of your family dies, you can get an inheritance
® In our D.N.A. we’ve got inheritance from both parents.
Likelihood : probablility
® The likelihood for me to become rich and fame is very weak !
Marrow : pith, core
® The marrow wich is in our banes of the back is called spinal chord.
Narrow : tight
® When you don’t accept changement in society or in your life, you are narrow minded.
Nurture : to bring up, to raise
® Parents have to nurture their children.
Unforeseen : unexpected
® Yesterday, an unforeseen scene happened: I’ve found 20 euros in the street !
Unwarranted (to be): unjustified
® She pass her exams but it was unwarranted: she never worked during the year.
Waive (to): to abandon, to give up, to withdraw
® As her graduation where not very good, she waives her project to enter in Cambridge.


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Report of the Council of Bioethics Grammar points on Chapter 5

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