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Some vocabulary about the 2d document

Some words I didn't understand at first time… 

Breakthrough : projection, overhang
cosmetic surgery: plastic surgery, create to permit to people to like as they want, thanks to surgery.

Plastic surgery permit her to look like a model.

Kidney : part of the anatomy which permit to clean the blood.
               = Reins
Liver: another part of the anatomy, we say that the liver hurt if we eat too much (too much chocolate at Christmas for example)
            = Foie
Assets : capital, money.

You need assets to create your own factory.

Struggle (to) : to fightThey struggle on the ring for the World's champion title.
Tremendous : excellent, great

The film "the 5th element" was tremendous: visual effects were really good.
Tenets : principle

All religions have tenets.
Baldness : fact to have no hair

My grandfather is baldness!
Stem (to): to contain, to stop, to control

John tries to stem his car but he was driving too fast.


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2d document: arguments in favour of Human Cloning

So this is my second document :
It is only composed of arguments in favor of human cloning. It gives a list of positive aspects -in their point of view- which are a little bit explain. So here I’m going to class them in different categories and sum them up.
Medical or scientific arguments:
         Human cloning can be the way to cure human Breakthroughs. Since the clone created is exactly the same than the 1st person, we can be sure that transplants won’t be rejected and scientists could understand how cells grow and differentiate, so that they could create the organs they need.
         Human cloning is the easiest possibility to permit to infertile couples to have children. It permits to give them a “natural” child, even if they can’t create it by themselves.
         The experimentation on Human DNA will give us more information about the DNA itself. So this new research will open new possibilities to the medical progress, permitting finally to change the age of a person: Human cloning is the first “step towards a fountain of youth”.
         If we take cloning in general, it can permit to save endangered species, cloning them to prevent from disapearance.
         Human cloning will give us more information about species in general and we will be able to clone animals or plants. Medical plants could be produced in high quantity so everybody could have an access to medicine.
Sentimental or religious arguments:
         As we wrote it just bellow, infertile couples could have children, and we can extend this possibility for gay couples. Have a children would help all these people to feel just as other and to fund a familly.
         People who have lost a parent, a child, a wife/husband too early could have a second chance by cloning the lost person.
         Human cloning permits to choose the parents you want for your clone, in order to give him a better life than yours, giving him good parents and more facilities to resist to illness thanks to all discoveries Human cloning will lead. If you want to be cloned, you just give your DNA and money, so the parents of your clone won’t have financial problems.
         If you are the parent of your own clone, it’s easier to grow him up because you already know what he/she needs, what are his/her feelings and how he/she reacts… So it’s a garantee that you would a better parent, even if the clone won’t be exactly as you are because of the environment which would be different.
         A Human clone is supposed to be geneticly identic of his “parent”, so in fact it can help to understand his parent. Human clone gives a bigger sense  of identity because clones are not really the same as their parents.
         Some religions and religious people think that human cloning is something important in their religion, a goal to reach, such as Raelian.
         Human cloning is considered as a hope to sick people and we can’t refuse to test human cloning because it may work.
         As twins often have special relationships, a clone will offer a new and special relationship too.
In fact all these arguments can be rejected thanks to ethic arguments, so I will develop arguments against Human cloning in a next article.

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