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Grammar points on Chapter 5

"Better for us (and for you) had you never existed.": first it makes me think about an expression learn last year: "the sooner the better" … but there is nothing is common, except "better" ! :D. It's could as expressions of comparison, employing the pluperfect which have a value of result. 

®Better for us had CPE never been invented …  (be cool strikes just go on …) 

Could + BV : “Could” can express 2 possibilities :

  –“can” in the past (which is not the case here).

® It was ten o’clock when Paul asked his father if he could go to the party … (do not ask before, it would be too easy !!!)

   a possibility in an imaginary situation : it’s the situation of my extract… If we knew how clone people, we could permit to unfertile couples to have children.

®If I was my own boss, I could choose when go on holidays … 

Would + BV: it expresses 2 possibilities:

   – it expresses the past of “will”, when it expresses a wish. (too much express kill expression lol) 

® She wanted him to go away, but he wouldn’t.

   – it is employed instead of “will” when the hypothesis isn’t sure at all or in indirect style. That’s the case here ….

® If scientist understand how cells grow, they would prevent people from becoming older.

®If I was a jedi, I would travel all around the universe to protect justice. (this is an example of imaginary situation !)  


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Vocabulary about chapter 5

Cattle : livestock, group of animal you’ve got and you work with
® Cowboys are riding all day long to protect their cattle.

Begotten : in fact it’s the pp. of beget !Beget means breed, engender.® You beget a child.

Bone : our skeleton is composed of bones.
® We often gives bones to dogs.
® If you break one of your bone, you’ll have your member in plaster.
Broadly : generally, most often, widely
® British broadly think that all french eat frogs.
Forerunner : precursor
® The 2 brother Lumière where forerunner in the creation of film.
® You are a forerunner if you creat or think something before everybody.
Framework : structure
® The framework of Human is the skeleton, which permit us to be stand up.
Grievous : serious, grave,
® Human cloning and its consequences is a grievous topic.
Inheritance : heritage, legs
® When somebody of your family dies, you can get an inheritance
® In our D.N.A. we’ve got inheritance from both parents.
Likelihood : probablility
® The likelihood for me to become rich and fame is very weak !
Marrow : pith, core
® The marrow wich is in our banes of the back is called spinal chord.
Narrow : tight
® When you don’t accept changement in society or in your life, you are narrow minded.
Nurture : to bring up, to raise
® Parents have to nurture their children.
Unforeseen : unexpected
® Yesterday, an unforeseen scene happened: I’ve found 20 euros in the street !
Unwarranted (to be): unjustified
® She pass her exams but it was unwarranted: she never worked during the year.
Waive (to): to abandon, to give up, to withdraw
® As her graduation where not very good, she waives her project to enter in Cambridge.

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Report of the Council of Bioethics

This report is very long, so I just read some parts which seem to be interesting.
I choose the chapter five, about the cloning to produce children
I.                    The case for cloning-to-produce-children
A.    Purposes
1.      To produce biologically related children
2.      To avoid genetic disease
3.      To obtain “rejection-proof” transplant
4.      To replicated a “loved one”
5.      To reproduce individuals of great genius, talent, of beauty
B.     Arguments
1.      The goodness of Human freedom
2.      The goodness of existence
3.      The goodness of Well-being
C.    Critique and conclusion
II.                 The case against cloning-to-produce-children
A.    The ethics of human experimentation
1.      Problems of safety
2.      A special problem of consent
3.      Problems of exploitation of women and just distribution of risk
4.      conclusion
B.     The human context : procreation and child reading
C.    Identity, manufacture, eugenics, family and society
1.      Problems of Identity and Individuality
2.      Concerns regarding Manufacture
3.      Prospect of a New Eugenics
4.      Troubled Family Relations
5.      Effects on Society
       D. Conclusion
So the conclusion of the council is that Human Cloning to produce children is unmoral and unsafe.

About legislation: The Nuremberg Code of 1947 and the Helsinki Declaration of 1964 are international trade which protect human being from experimentation and ethical violations. Influential in the United States is also the Belmont Report, published in 1978 by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research.


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