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Grammar points on Chapter 5

"Better for us (and for you) had you never existed.": first it makes me think about an expression learn last year: "the sooner the better" … but there is nothing is common, except "better" ! :D. It's could as expressions of comparison, employing the pluperfect which have a value of result. 

®Better for us had CPE never been invented …  (be cool strikes just go on …) 

Could + BV : “Could” can express 2 possibilities :

  –“can” in the past (which is not the case here).

® It was ten o’clock when Paul asked his father if he could go to the party … (do not ask before, it would be too easy !!!)

   a possibility in an imaginary situation : it’s the situation of my extract… If we knew how clone people, we could permit to unfertile couples to have children.

®If I was my own boss, I could choose when go on holidays … 

Would + BV: it expresses 2 possibilities:

   – it expresses the past of “will”, when it expresses a wish. (too much express kill expression lol) 

® She wanted him to go away, but he wouldn’t.

   – it is employed instead of “will” when the hypothesis isn’t sure at all or in indirect style. That’s the case here ….

® If scientist understand how cells grow, they would prevent people from becoming older.

®If I was a jedi, I would travel all around the universe to protect justice. (this is an example of imaginary situation !)  


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Gramar point on 1st document

To allow to do something : this form permit to not employ modal, it give a impression of impersonality: you're not allowed to smoke: that's a fact, the law, and I can't do anything about this…®The teacher decided to allow Josh to enter later in the class (but he has to be punctual, because of the school’s rules.
To consider it to be….when done on….: Sorry, I didn’t find anything about this … If YOU find, just let a comment ! To prevent from: this preposition is always employed with "prevent" : you prevent somebody from doing something (do not employ TO !) .. if you want to work your prepositions … click on the site : ® My parents prevent me from going to a party (that’s not fun at all, but this is the only example I found ! :D)
To prohibit… while preserving :in fact, while shows a period which last in the history, and the -ing that it is a general act, we could translate it by "tout en preservant". It gives an impression of global activity, which won't stop.®Ecologist try to make government to change their legislation while do illegal actions.

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