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Vocabulary about chapter 5

Cattle : livestock, group of animal you’ve got and you work with
® Cowboys are riding all day long to protect their cattle.

Begotten : in fact it’s the pp. of beget !Beget means breed, engender.® You beget a child.

Bone : our skeleton is composed of bones.
® We often gives bones to dogs.
® If you break one of your bone, you’ll have your member in plaster.
Broadly : generally, most often, widely
® British broadly think that all french eat frogs.
Forerunner : precursor
® The 2 brother Lumière where forerunner in the creation of film.
® You are a forerunner if you creat or think something before everybody.
Framework : structure
® The framework of Human is the skeleton, which permit us to be stand up.
Grievous : serious, grave,
® Human cloning and its consequences is a grievous topic.
Inheritance : heritage, legs
® When somebody of your family dies, you can get an inheritance
® In our D.N.A. we’ve got inheritance from both parents.
Likelihood : probablility
® The likelihood for me to become rich and fame is very weak !
Marrow : pith, core
® The marrow wich is in our banes of the back is called spinal chord.
Narrow : tight
® When you don’t accept changement in society or in your life, you are narrow minded.
Nurture : to bring up, to raise
® Parents have to nurture their children.
Unforeseen : unexpected
® Yesterday, an unforeseen scene happened: I’ve found 20 euros in the street !
Unwarranted (to be): unjustified
® She pass her exams but it was unwarranted: she never worked during the year.
Waive (to): to abandon, to give up, to withdraw
® As her graduation where not very good, she waives her project to enter in Cambridge.


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Vocabulary about the 1st document

Dire : horrible, terrible

® The plague was a dire desease.
Ovum : the « egg » of women.
® When they are fertilized, ovums evolute until the creation of baby.
Ewe: it’s an animal, easily recognizable by its cry: “bee bee”. More seriously we employ its wool to creat pull-over.
Overwhelming: terrible, crushing.
®The weight of a cow is overwhelming compared to the one of a baby.
To be scheduled: to be program for a date.
® His operation is scheduled for monday.

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Some vocabulary about the 2d document

Some words I didn't understand at first time… 

Breakthrough : projection, overhang
cosmetic surgery: plastic surgery, create to permit to people to like as they want, thanks to surgery.

Plastic surgery permit her to look like a model.

Kidney : part of the anatomy which permit to clean the blood.
               = Reins
Liver: another part of the anatomy, we say that the liver hurt if we eat too much (too much chocolate at Christmas for example)
            = Foie
Assets : capital, money.

You need assets to create your own factory.

Struggle (to) : to fightThey struggle on the ring for the World's champion title.
Tremendous : excellent, great

The film "the 5th element" was tremendous: visual effects were really good.
Tenets : principle

All religions have tenets.
Baldness : fact to have no hair

My grandfather is baldness!
Stem (to): to contain, to stop, to control

John tries to stem his car but he was driving too fast.

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Definitions about Human Cloning

This document is published in a religious website dedicated to human cloning.
It is built in 2 axes, the 1st one in favour of human cloning and the 2d one against.
It also gives definition of the different human cloning which exist.
In fact, we can determinate 3 classes of human cloning, depending of the goal purchased:
     –   therapeutic cloning: it creates new cells, identical from the one of a sick person, to be able to transplant tissue or organ without risk for the person who suffers of illness.

     –   reproducing cloning: it creates, from the DNA of an adult, a new person with the identical DNA. In this case, the goal is only sentimental.     

–   embryo cloning: it creates from a fertilized embryo twins or triplets

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This category will be composed of posts for my vocabulary problems.

Each document will have his own vocabulary post, explaining meanings of new words…

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